One More Lap

Tue, 12/17/2013 - 17:24 -- Gpegg


The wind bellows into the stadium,

Leaves sail by in a peaceful manner,

The green turf also flowing with the breeze,

As the up-rights stand still in shining yellow glory.


Bliss is discovered as clouds roll by

And cast a year long shadow

That ignites a feeling of delight

Upon the sun’s temporary departure.


With a history longer than the track itself,

A journey to soon end,

A sigh of relief is released

To show that it is almost over.


I bring myself to my feet,

March to the line one last time,

Take a breath deeper than outer space

And take off into the lap of life.



The fact that it was about track and my feelings about it.


beautiful metaphors and really captured the  imagery of it all. brilliant piece and from a guy who has ran track for over 8 years it really hit me deep.

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