One Minute to the End of the World

In one minute
many things can happen
choices are made
deals are done
decisions are reached
and life changes irreparably

But that is what life is
just a series of endless choices
conscious or unconscious
that make up who we are

most of these choices have little impact
as they ripple through our fragile web of existence


Some choices carry more weight and influence
bringing about goodness and compassion
while others leave a wake of darkness and destruction

The choices we make define us
and the choices of others influence ours
in an inexorable cycle of causality
in a way, we are all responsible for each others actions

What we do in 60 seconds
can start a wave of good in motion
building and growing in size
but just as easily those choices could result in tragedy
burgeoning out of control of any one person or nation
affecting all of humanity in ways unseen

The clock is ticking...
What choices will you make in a minute?


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