One Million Miles

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 23:01 -- HVAZQ


Cold and Discolored.

Nothing I’m used to seeing.

The once vibrant life is slowly

Fading into the Undiscovered Country.

Whether it is a dream or reality…

I freeze at the thought in disbelief.


A legacy will be left behind.


Unrepeatable moments were lived

Through the highs and lows

Of the hill from which it all started.

There lived my Grandfather.

The man who now lay

In the hospital bed,



The strong man I knew –

The man who taught me how to chop wood,

The man who taught me how to cut through vegetation with a machete,

The man who controlled cattle like a cowboy from the Old West,

The man who continued to walk his lands –

Lays Defeated.

Unable to Speak.

Unable to Move.

Barely able to Open his Eyes.


He did open them, though.

His Blue Eyes stared into my Brown Eyes.

But did he recognize me?

I don’t know.

It had been Three Years since I last saw him.

He always asked for me,

And always asked when I would visit him.


His journey is close to finishing.

A man of ninety-six years of age has seen everything and anything.

Walked high and low far and wide.

Created a family that would grow

To become larger than

One Hundred in number.


It was a matter of days before it happened.

Life is a borrowed gift

That everyone must return.

Life is Precious,

But we all realize this too late.


My Grandfather arrived at his Trial.

He had come to the last of his One Million Miles.


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