One Lost, One Survived


These shadows... 

They do speak... 

They speak to my mind, 

Oh they speak, how they speak!  


I know that they aren't real...  

But their presence is known, 

By the hair on my neck, 

Oh God! They are known... 


Those stars... 

Were once bright... 

They were once bright to my mind, 

But their shine; out of light...   I know they're still there...  Yes, their presence is known...  By the memories we share,  Oh God! They are known...   "Kill yourself!"  They do say...  They say it in my ear,  Oh they say, what they say!   I can't listen to them now,  Can't follow my father home...  But the pills in my hand,  Oh! They're calling me home!   "You're better off."  They whisper...  I think it's from my heart,  They whisper, they whisper...   I know that they aren't real...  But I know they are still there.  I can't listen to them now...  I say "Take me there, take me there!"    That light...  It did shine...  It would shine in my eyes,  Oh shine, keep your shine!   It was right out of reach,  But I felt it so close...  I fell back to earth,  Back into my clothes...   Just remember  When they speak  You don't have to hear  Them speak...  Though they scream and they screech,  They will one day cease to speak...   My dad followed close  And he heard as they spoke  Took my daddy from me  In 2003...   A bullet to the brain  Didn't cast away the chains  But after the third day  He went home- passed away...   These shadows...  They do speak...  They speak to my mind,  Oh they speak, how they speak...   I know they aren't real  But their presence is known...  By my daddy and me,  Oh God! They are known...  -Emily Rose Pruitte- Written: 08-08-2013  




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I wrote this poem after I was hospitalized. I wrote it for my daddy and me because we share the same mental problems. Bipolar, depression, and schitzophrenia. I hope it helps you see the struggle we face day to day and helps you understand how hard it can be. With Love, Emily Rose.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for sharing this poem

perhaps this is the beginning for you where it's therapeutic

get all the support you need

great reflection


Thank you for your kind words. I will continue to share what I have, so that maybe my inspiration will save another life. Everyone deserves happiness. No matter what goes on in their minds.

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