One Last Twirl

Thu, 07/16/2015 - 14:43 -- lexid

From the minute my brown eyes opened

and I inhaled my first deep breath

I knew we’d be best buddies

I expected nothing less


My tiny hand clenched your finger

like a petal holds the rain

a bond that can’t be broken

never again will i feel this way


You held me close and whispered

you’ll always be my girl

with me standing on your toes

you gave me on last twirl


You tucked me into bed each night

and lost hours and hours of sleep

just waiting, watching, loving me

making sure i never made a peep


I never realized the little things

like the way you held my hand

gentle but strong and protective

now I think about it every chance I can


Packing up the truck one night

I admired your tireless love

never seeming to run out of energy

until your work was done


Driving down the interstate

miles and memories flying by (abstract/ personification)

my feet up on the dash

laughing and singing aloud

neither of us ever shy


As i sit behind the wheel

you smile so nervously

although you knew this time would come

you nod at me faithfully

You tell me how proud you are

and it makes me want to succeed

I try my hardest at everything

from driving to learning how to read


Although you may not know it

you’ll always be my king

even though the day will come

when i wear another man’s ring


“Forever and for always

thats how a daddy loves his girl”

I know you’ll always be there

to give me just one more twirl

This poem is about: 
My family
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