One of a Kind

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 08:22 -- mariaj


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An inspiring person

One who is humble to everyone 

and believes that the most righteous thing to do is

follow the path of God.

This person listens 

to the will power of peers

and never regrets trying their best.

This one of a kind person is not scared to stand up for their beliefs

and act upon them.

This one of a kind person is ourselves.


are one of a kind.




Beautiful!!! I like how you gather all of our brothers and sisters into one group that is "one of a kind" for we are. Did not God, the King of all Kings, adopt us to be princesses and princes of His kingdom with the sacrifice of His own son? Did not Jesus Christ go through a life of suffering to die as if He was a sinnful man a cross for us? We are " one of a kind" and it is about time that we recognize that and live for our Father. I love your drive to send God to everyone through your poems. Never lose that, sis:). God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!

P.S. Can you please comment some of my poems?

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