One Eyed Monster

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 14:12 -- debss15

There is a one eyed monster living in our homes

Situated in our wardrobes, shelves and even clothes

No one is safe from its destruction

Yet its been sold at auctions.

Nobody asks to be caught up facing it

But here we are looking at our loved ones blood spilt.

It meets us at unexpected times,

Walking uneasy streets,

In our passenger seats,

At corner stores

Or even through our windows!

No one is safe,

Not even our babies!

We are left hiding beneath the sheets.

People dying,

Mama’s crying,

Father’s trying,

Situations intensifying.

Our streets decorated with yellow tapes,

What an awful landscape!

Sirens and gunshots, our soundtrack

Bullets pouring like acid rain,

What America are we living in?

This isn’t living

This isn’t life

To cry

Go to funerals

Aren’t you tired of this?

Don’t you want to do something different?

We are living in terror towns,

Earth cries and decency drowns.

It’s a form of hate we can’t translate

Who can help us dry this river of tears?

Heaven hears. 

My city is lost.

And we have fallen a victim to Satan.

You cannot murder our children,

And walk the earth like nothing ever happened!

Ill be damned if another child bleeds.

The life we’re living is so stressful

Our police sometimes unhelpful.

In one second,

I’m going to let loose

Cause right now I can’t take it.

My body, tied up in knots

Buried in my thoughts,

Can our plans save us from us?

We talk about world peace

Presidents being our mouthpiece

Some soldiers fighting wars they don’t believe in

Chopper in, chopper out

Who’s the next of kin?

How can we keep our eyes closed?

When we have under our own roofs,

the monster.

Its time to fight forward

Even if it means crossing borders!

Because the kind of peace we seek is nowhere to be found

We need to stop looking outside ourselves for solutions

We command the tide!

Just a moment of prayer

For all our fallen angels

Who came face to face with the one eyed monster.

Merciful Lord, we come to you heavy hearted,

For we have heard the cries of the slain calling to us from the ground

We come remembering all the lives lost

To weapons of war that have flooded our communities.

Teach us your ways, O God.

Bless us with the wisdom and strength to put down our swords and be peacemakers

Use us, work through us

If necessary, work in spite of us to mend our nation’s brokenness.

We thank you for your protecting embrace and unfailing love.

Hope wins,

Peace wins,

Goodness wins,

Righteousness wins,

Love wins,

Remembering our brothers and sisters of the Orlando mass shooting.

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Our world


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