One Day...

One Day…

One day, I want to be a hero! One day, I want to be a villain! One day, I want to be someone! One day, I want to be…

When I was little I wanted to be something or even someone. I believed or believe in myths & fantasies growing up. Now, my imaginations are with histories in mysteries.

Certainly, I wanted to be someone. Someone that will protect, with dominion over himself speaking with his wise soul, & be free with wings.

I think a phoenix blinded my eyes with my anger. I’m gifted with wisdom but I have to control my tongue. Before, my butt gets stung.

I never thought I can be depressed as 18 year old. And having pain in my brain 24/7.

Pumping my veins everyday.

Family says that you shouldn’t have pain this young.

First of all, I’m not young!

Maybe, I will give you a great hung.

For all my weights. Among your state.

I always wanted to lift the winds. By different parts of the world. I will give them a head start.

But I might just whirl the underworld.

Shot! Even, the golden gates.

I always wanted people, family and friends. To believe in me. Or not forsaken me.

They have done that. Likewise, do they have a key.

I want to be FREE!

I want to FLY!

I want to HEAL!

I want to RISE!

I want to FIGHT!

I want…

Today, I’m so worried & wanting.

My brothers and sisters out here running from handguns.

And some people acting like they’re water guns…

One day, I want to be a hero. One day, I want to be a villain. I mind of just be both. And just be me.          

                                                   -Denzell J. Thornton D.J.T. 6.29.16


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