The One Chosen by the Moon

 The rays from the sun hits the earth’s surfaceGiving animals and plants heat, it is nature’s furnace.Many strain to reach the desired lightBut one flower finds it too bright.The Casablanca Lily makes her appearance in the darkThe pale full moon is what ignites her spark.Her pure white petals shine in the night skyBut during the day, she becomes shy. The sun is punishing and unforgiving.Its strict rules is not her way of living.The sun would beat down on herThe torture method it would prefer.But the Lily has fortitude and she perseveredShe’s found her home the very next year.With stars among her, she knewThat other flowers bloomed with her too. The Lily illuminates at nightfallShe stands up, proud and tall.Always in black tie affairSurround by a majestic airAll knowing that she is exceptional.Some think she is worthy of a festivalWhile many lust her sweet fragranceShe dances happily, and with elegance. 

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