This One

This one’s for every cheesy moment.
For every “no one understands.”
For every cheeky little child with a wish that could fill an ocean.
For every sap story that has already been done before.
For every drunk without a drink in his hand.
For every pencil without its pen.
This one’s for all the moments you’ll never forget.
For that birthday gift you never used.
For that one song that you kept on repeat until you cried.
For your puppy who died.
For the tragic ending.
For the ending everyone hated but you saw the smile on a dead man’s face.
For the things we live for, without them we’d be dead as a doornail.
For those sneaky clichés.
For never stopping at the end of one page.
For never paying attention to suggested guidelines.
For all those times you wished you were someone else. 
For all of you who remained yourself after all of these years.
For all the girls whose thighs rub together.
For the girls who barely have a piece of fat to spare. 
For Crisco and butter and the fact that without them, the above statement doesn’t exist.
For endless writing…
For run-on sentences and choppy sentences and ignoring grammar an having a pinky and a big toe. 
For never making sense of anything! (Sometimes making sense is just too easy.)
For words like to, too, and two that are obviously just meant to confuse us and doing a really great job at it. 
For getting that first D in your world of A’s.
For really dumb people, they make all of us who haven’t realized were dumb look really smart!
For, one, too, many, commas,.
For periods because they end sentences and a woman’s worrying.
For really awesome teachers… and the occasional hot one.
For best friends because everyone deserves one.
For every screwed up family, know you’re not alone.
For every really cool dad who knows exactly what you’re talking about.
For rambling on and on and on and on and on and on… and on.
For really stupid questions. Wait I thought there weren’t any stupid questions?
For walking into a room and walking right out.
For the republicans, for the democrats, the tea party, the green party, the birthday party, and the purple party poopers!
For really, redundant, reused, recycled alliterations.
For every joke that wasn’t funny, but you laughed for the hell of it.
For every note you wrote to the cute boy who only liked mud and farts.
For being as inappropriate as you can possibly be.
For being an awesome grandparent…with awesome food.
For mistakes. 
For writing that’s born to be read.
For writing that’s going to take forever to read.
For never editing, even when someone tells you too.
For ending abruptly and awkwardly.
For procrastinating before its too late…
And for making one last rhyme on the very last page.


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