It starts with one word.

A single, simple word that rings well in the mind

Takes it’s time to develop and before I know it

The word has found a soulmate

I can’t wait after that

A scrap of inspiration

Can’t dally in frustration

Take the running-start approach to poetry

Wring out creativity before it dries up

Tally up the rhymes

The emotion sustains it

My poem won’t take a week

A class period is enough time

To make a point

My stories come from an experience

That I need to whittle down

To find the core connection

Between a feeling and a proper noun

And by the end of the hour

I scour pages and pages of passion

So incredibly personal

As it has healed me

My creativity

And negativity

Are exhausted

And I’m left to read and re-read my achievement

Wanting to both hold it close and raise it above my head

In the hopes that someone, someone has overheard

How I wanted to get up from my desk and shout to the world

“This all came from just one word!”


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