I swear if you ever want things to change, then your gunna have to look inside you beyond visual range.
Go to a place where you could just think maybe the beach, listen to the waves crashing onto the shore can u hear it preach?
Use all of your senses so you and the ocean can become one, when you don't think of anything but the state your in then the jobs done.
Meditation when it sinks in your soul will go for a walk, aware of the messages, the sounds and the sand between your toes, the breeze can you hear it talk?
Walk along somewhere by the shore, wash away and forget your problems there not here anymore. There will be many times when your thrown out the door, don't turn around its closed, there's no going back your higher powers waiting for you to say open more doors!
Accept things the way they are, cause your destiny is waiting for you along all the stars.

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Our world


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