Once a year loss

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 20:48 -- TrueTBW

High school is an amazing experience

Parents aren't the liars I thought they were 3 years ago

I could do without all of the work, bad teachers, and ignorance

Well... high school is a pretty good experience

It prepares you for people, exhausting work, and loss

Most importantly loss

Each time in the year

With the beginning of relationships and the ending of them

Seniors, ready for college, who have done it all, and experienced everything

Seniors ready for departure

Each year they leave and I get a little closer to leave

And yet they still are farther away

I leave a little of myself behind each time

Loss is devastating but I defend and prosper

Listen it's true!

My first year I lost someone but not a friend

My second year I left plenty of friends and lost...none

I was handed scissors and made use of them with haste that year

And look I'm still here... Just a part of me!

My third and recent year I'm still laughing and smiling through it


The mask is worn and is starting to fall

I have journeyed for three years

I'm losing a whole social circle and a small group of cool associates

Such loss is like a well aimed arrow through the heart that cuts all arteries

All these losses are devastating but not a disaster

I'm losing many friends

I'm still here though in pieces

Loss is devastating... But... It's not a... Disaster

So yes... High school is an okay experience


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