Old Growth

Course as wind, the spirit paces in all the hallways we have yet to discover within ourselves

Untouched portals and crooked thoughts of mankind clash, leaving the seekers tongue tied.

Climbing high above, the sun glares through branches of the old growth of a Redwood tree

that is what is providing, this provides for me.

We want answers, answers, and more answers to the beings that we are, meanwhile allowing ourselves to forget that we became from a star.

These streams of sorrow are deeper than the image. Sorrow is universal and ignorance has become such a habit, for man has forgotten compassion.They rest in their corners, writing book after book of “truth” becoming idolized, while individualism ceases.

Let me walk my path, peering into God in any way I feel fit for humankind.

Not for the sake of salvation, or security of eternal life, not for tradition, or culture for it’s always shifting.

Times are changing, and it’s up to me, to shape the self in me to truly see.

Conditioned to be holding hands with society, we slowly are forced to see aloneness as isolation.

Solitude has become forbidden, and like biting our nails and name calling we depend on the outside source.

Like old growth, it is so rare to inquire those simple truths, but I find them yes I do, and like the rest of us I lose them too

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