Waking up in the night children having nightmares parents panic and houses shake, Theres a natural disaster heading for the city and its not an earthquake.
This evil is something to be seen weather reporters follow with childish fascination, thinking it would never happen to them the dwellers of the city react with hesitation.
Buildings are torn debris piles up twisting around in a circle off the ground too dangerous for you to be around.
May only last minutes but the nightmare will haunt them forever, especially for the people who lost loved ones to this weather.
They need salvation bring them some relief, bring them hope make them believe.
That some one out there cares for the rest of the world.
Some parents won't see children ever again and its the other way around too, its worse than that nightmare in their sleep where a ghost would scream boo.
This city needs help to live on from the disaster they felt hit them at home and in the heart, we have to help them now and lending a hand of kindness is a perfect start.


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