Oh Very Young

oh very young don't leave us this time
we look for things in the envelope from the sky
the duration of the clock turns to a chimed lulabye
we seek for shelter amidst the flood of dissipation
grasp hold of the magic wand turned affliction
drifting out to sea with a new idea
transformed as if inside an odyssey the more we bleed
the notion of living needs to extend in forgiving
shelter lies dormant amidst its beckoning plow
emmerse me inside a dream through the duration of a common mean
suspend me in mid air so I have something to share
call out for solace amidst the apathy to a true source to believe
thoughts of baby cakes make no mistake drifting out to sea
hoping with all my heart that the girl will marry me
what are we able to achieve in this life of ease
let go of the plug that was against the wall socket
lines are being formed from my face & hands
collect my thoughts daily to be able to remember the true real answer

This poem is about: 
My family


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