Oh, Silly Dream of Mine

Just when I feel lonely
As if I can't go on
I close my eyes and drift to sleep
To maybe find something wrong

The day seems so ordinary
So bright, cheerful, and right
I find myself with my friends
who bring my soul delight

I soon walk alone
In the hallway so narrow
Ascending up the staircase
A friend comes to be my hero

A button is pushed
Two doors slide apart
And when the doors slowly close
My friend mends my broken heart

I find the box comforting
The blanket wrapped so tight
The blanket spread its warmth to me
I've never felt so right

The blanket holds me
Safe and warm
Protecting and guiding
From every harm

I soon find we're on the dance floor
A dress so grand, the blanket still there
We waltz in the twilight
We're moving, but where?

The feeling goes on forever
I see the clock now two
"It's you and me, and all of the people,
but I can't take my eyes off of you."

I open my eyes, and rush to sit up
And know it was just a dream
"Maybe being alone isn't all that bad
Forever more serene."

"Could this possibly happen," I think,
"No, I'm in reality
I realize how alone I am
If I dream of company."

The song that was sung, the music played
I believe it was all the sign
That simply a blanket is right for me
Oh, Silly Dream of Mine

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