Oh Senior English Class


Oh Senior English class

You bore me with Shakespeare’s Hamlet

You pick out the guy who reads like a snail race

To read Hamlet’s third soliloquy

“To Be or Not To Be-That Is the Question”

He reads so nonchalantly

While the people in my class look like the end of Macbeth

Oh Senior English teacher with your degree from UC Santa Barbara

You make yourself look cocky with your degree

And letting down the students in my class about college

Because they don’t have any AP classes

Or not in the top 9 percent of our school

Oh Senior English students who don’t give a damn about their classes

Who would rather have high school done with only

Than apply to any colleges to do something better with your life

To the guys who constantly make fun of my motivation to do something better

This also goes to the girls who make fun of my appearance

There are many things to say to everyone in my Senior English class

But I would rather write it down to this poem

That the girl you see at the front row with crooked glasses and a smile

Would go somewhere far away like a graceful bird

Where she won’t hear your judging comments about me and my life

Where she would rather care about finishing her Hamlet assignment on time

Than to go to the big party on Saturday night

Here I am

Back at it again with the same lessons over and over again

   Welcome back to the teacher who would care less if I go somewhere or not

Welcome back to the students that would rather kick it with their friends

Than study for their classes or aim for a high SAT score

While I am just waiting for the clock to strike 3 O’clock

And to get all of my assignments done for tonight

To go back at it again the next day up until graduation at June





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