"Oh, say can you see?"

Oh, say can't you see

By the light of the dark

That they whither, they fear, and they try not to starve?


I ask: do you hear

From high in that lap

The screams of the many who've finally snapped?


Oh, how can't you feel

In the pits of your hearts

The pain that your mountains of greed once did start?


I suppose bills have blinded you

The coins took your souls

And where black hearts should rest

Now, there are holes


The green of your eyes, now blackened with need

Was absorbed by the endless money and greed

Now you spit on the poor you claimed once to love

But one close-nearing day, you will find them above


The suffocating grasps drowning them in a stream

They'll swim up to you, they'll sing and they'll scream

As they tear out your throats as they burn all your money


"Oh, say can you see?" they will ask you so bluntly

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Our world


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