Oh Lovely Sadist

It's always been you
In every way life exists it's been you
In the air I breathe
In the birds that fly above
In the way the waves crash onto the rocks
In the way the precious Jamaican orphan falls asleep in my arms
In the way I brush my hair
In the way I do everything to try to forget
You've inhabited every part of my life
You've claimed it your own by pushing it away
How does a person overcome this
I can conquer all battles
But not this one
Not ever
To fall out of love with you
That's falling backwards in time
It's impossible
People dream of ways to do it
Time machines, magic, science
It's all just myths though
Like the idea of me forgetting you
The more you leave the more you stay
The more tender your goodbye, the harder the shatter of my heart
If you had just broken me hard
I couldn't written you off as a jerk
Why didn't you break me hard and let me gather myself again
Instead by loving me you've tortured me
You left me to slowly fall out of love with you
I can't
By loving me, you've tortured me


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