Oh the joy of high school.

Oh the joy of high school,

the joy of education!

for when you go to high school,

you’re the future of our nation!


Oh the joy of testing,

we’re all just worth a number!

So don’t think about slacking,

It’ll only make you dumber!


Oh the joy of spiraling,

under a dark and dull depression!

For the sake of getting A’s and B’s

In a classroom examination!


Oh the joy of frozen food,

cheap pizza and cold bread buns!

We sure are healthy here in school,

Just as long as you don’t eat none!


Oh the joy of dress code rules,

of finger-length skirts and shorts!

And don’t you dare argue against it,

Or you’ll get two more reports!


Oh the joy of crying children,

with the expectations of adults!

Who worked like dogs just for an A minus,

and got much inferior results!


Oh the joy of bullying,

Of silent gossip and dead friendships!

Just hold that asshole’s hand and smile,

Who cares about relationships?!


Oh the joy of witnessing,

your classmates fall apart!

and knowing that in four more years,

They won’t be much more smart!


Oh the joy of lying,

that you’re totally alright!

But knowing that school doesn’t care,

they’ll know you’re fine and bright!




Very powerful poem. Thank you for sharing this. It really made me feel 

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