Oh heed my soul my beating heart

Sat, 03/14/2015 - 02:15 -- Rendle

Oh heed my soul my beating heart

To behold such beauty here

That’s makes my life

A shining star


A shimmer

Crests the mounts

Eastly rising more to come

With rising of the bloody sun


And whaen north ice wind

Grows strong again above

The sound of beating



I shall

Into the sea

Foaming clothing each in green

As noble hills they rise catching fall


This is the folly of all lost love

And all’s been lost fore

The rains sweeping

Sleepin’ more





In the marshes

Breeds despair in homeland

Sweet it dripps with strands of auburn hair


And off such goes and goes and goes

N’er with follows the dream

She goes with flowers

In her hair


And counting

Scars upon fair face

Delight in curls delighting

Girl soft she hasn’t, soft he shall


In a land for dreams and thousand hills

The smiles of sunrise

E’er banish




And caves

Dark brightened old

Mysteries deep never cold




Eleven hours sun cries

Out its low hardly

Will cloaked

It goes




Bright on snow

With summers long ago


I’m dreaming of such

Warming place

Ours gone far

Leav’ grace



Dying bringing

Faith to starving

Silence revealer true


The bright star rises

Slowly softens



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