Oh, Great America.

Shock overcomes their body at the discovery of something new,

Disgust infiltrates the mind of those discovering something they never knew,

Curious as to what they are so surprised at, I would like to know too.

They are infected by the thoughts that this could exist; This captivating thing, being you.

America the great, more accurate would be America who discriminates, more and more racial slurs, the more the happiness disintegrates. 

America the land of the free, no, America the land where there is only one way you're allowed to be.

If we are the land of the brave, why is it that people seem to be afraid of me?

I know im not alone, the only one to feel this hassle,

But I am well aware there are those who feel free while we are bound to our shackles.

For this isn't something new, my skin is beginning to grow onto and becoming one with these silver cuffs, 

and I am used to not being listened to, being told that I am not a man, I am no longer tough.

But I can't help but forgive them, for hate is all they have been taught and comprehend.

Why fight hate with hate, when you can kill them with kindness instead. 

One isn't born being racist, its a trait that is taught,

This is one battle that despite prior efforts will be continuously fought,

Minorities overcoming the venomous words will do what they can with their determination.

Evil words being released like second nature bringing back images of the plantation.

Biracial classes filled with ancestors of slaves and the masters

System all askew causing mental disaster.

So I guess this land is yours, but it isn't my land

I am tired of being stared at as if I had a weapon in my hand.

Constantly dealing with who feel entitled to berate,

The same people forgetting this wasn't a white land when they trespassed native gates.

So yes this is America, but America of the not so great.

This poem is about: 
My community


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