Oh Cancer, My Cancer

Oh Cancer!...how can this be. My Cancer?...no this can not be.

The world spins with millions of you on a daily basis

How can I thank you? Hip-hip hurray? You saved the day?

You simply gave life and love to my heart, By clanning a Queen to your horoscope.

“ A queen?”

Yes indeed a Queen without question.

Born July 24,1975 a solo provider, soldier and the goddess of cancers.

My Mother.

Sometimes the things provided was left overs from mini scavenger hunts.

Sometimes the soldier couldn’t win the wars.

There were even days the Goddess felt less than mortal.

But the beauty of it was she never stood down from any challenge….

Nope! Not a single challenge!

I can thank you for years, For years you have given my mother.

But...Nah Nah.

You have betrayed yourself and your clan.

This is not your first nor will it be your last.

You’ve left me with fear.


Yes fear! The only cancer I know and love is now infected with your scars and harmful ways of help keeping the world from over populating.

I have.

“Have what?”

I have this constant dream.

“A dream?”

Yes an urge, A desire.

‘“A desire for what?”

To kill the cancer that will one day take away the one and only cancer I ever loved.

Oh Cancer, My Cancer.


This poem is about: 
My family


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