"An Offer from Death"


Cowled in darkness, standing there,

A hooded figure ‘stride his mare,

I stand before him silently,

While chilling breath shears through the air.


Your time has come, my mortal child.”

He speaks in whisper cold and mild,

Your chance at last, to go back home,”

It seemed to me he faintly smiled.


A tempting option, I must say,

It took some time to reach this day,

But I don’t think I’m done just yet,

I’ve got some debts I must need pay.


“No you fool, you must return,

You have no choice in this concern.”

But simply said, that isn’t true,

This demon’s plans I could discern.


Always at this sort of time,

This demon came here on the dime,

And offers me a free way out,

An offer seemingly sublime.



We must see through his silent veil,

this demon wants to see us fail,

We simply must refuse his trick,

Even when we are most frail.


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