Ode Within The Eyes

Oh, the eyes

Such beauty that lies beneath

Yet, what lies do you tell as true;

Though ever pleasant are they

Nonetheless, I must gaze with my own

To see the mysteries you have shown


Green, red, brown, or blue

You cast upon me a glowing hue

Spent in the waves that you spew

Your silent words are toxic; Tender


Envigoring passions; compassion; distractions

It matters not the outcome

For I am content with the intent of a thousand stars

The glory of the lights shown within thee

The entrapped feelings you inspire within me


What better way to be shown weakness;

No better way to feel meekness;

I can feel your discreteness

Or better yet, your completeness


I can hear the quiet roar,

Enticing me to wonder,

How far you’ve made my heart to soar

And how much knees be made asunder

I do not care to know the answer




i love your use of rhyme and rhythm. My favorite line is 'Your silent words are toxic; Tender' it's very relatable and can be said of many people's words in today's world. 

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