An Ode to Timothy Treadwell: The man who lived with bears

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 15:57 -- anoelc

Film class

A documentary, my teacher says

The bear man appears on the screen

He lives with them

The Bears

“Dangerous creatures”

he says into the camera

He loves them

He will give everything for them



He hates the government

They take the bears

The bears should be free

The government is bad

This is something he says with conviction


He comes back sometimes

Into human civilization

Dealing with The Government

To get supplies

He teaches kids

About the bears

Look how they eat

Look how they claw

Dangerous creatures

I live with them

Care about them


I don’t know if I like him

The bear man

The rash man

The insane man

I am not sure if I respect him

The man who hates the government

The man who threw human relationships away

They melted like snowflakes

Did he see the beauty?

He was so angry


I am not like him

I am in awe of his spontaneity

I will never be like him
But I have learned from him

I hope to cultivate his confidence

His passion

His devotion

His boldness

I know no one else like him

It is hard to understand the human phenomenon

Through him I have been exposed to unique

Through him I have learned to question the complex

What it means to be human

My young mind has yet to discover its purpose in life


Maybe I will make documentaries

Question the strange

Delve into the unexpected

Edit ones life onto a screen


Maybe I will travel

Firsthand experience

Would do me good


Maybe I will follow my passion

Whatever it may be

Seek it out

A different kind of bear


Open to the wild



Now I am the viewer

Separated by the film screen

Brought back to reality

But my reality has been altered

By the man who lived with bears 

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