Ode to Sunflowers

Ode to Sunflowers

By: Michelle Barrera


Standing in a field,                 

Swaying in

The wind.

The yellow 

Petals soft 

to the touch.

Walking through the

Soft dirt 

under your stems

Wondering to 


How it feels to

Be apart of 

someones love story.              

Swaying in

The fresh country breeze.

Secluded but surrounded.

Looking like each other. 

Not Unique

At first glance

But search

Harder little flower.

Do you

Hear the beautiful melody

Of little children laughing

Of the birds singing

The bees

Buzzing around.

You spend your days

Basking in the sun

But what happens

When the sun goes down

How do you feel?

Do you feel 

As important,

Or do you

Feel empty

And not unique?

But little flower, 

You will learn that

You are unique 

If you chose to be.

Those who 

Chose to stay invisible,

Will remain invisible



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hope y'all like it!


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