Ode to Pictures

Fri, 06/20/2014 - 13:28 -- analia3


Hanging from my wall

familiar faces

smile at me

inviting me to happiness


Irreverent to time

tanned young faces


under the Galapagos sun


Hypnotizing eyes

tempt me to look inward

silent laughs fill that empty corner

and make me feel the salty taste of the sea


Hands become arms, arms become bodies, intertwined

in a huge embrace

a perfect family

​ captured with the click of a camera


Happiness is simple

and easily disturbed

the embrace has broken

at least for the time being


And sometimes I do not even see

that piece of photographic paper

whispering my name

trying to be remembered


But I know

As long as the sun


and sets


As long as

there is a bright moon

lighting up

my night


As long as

You are with me


and now


Then I know

That someday

You will fill my wall again

making me laugh

And cry





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