An Ode to Orange Soda

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 14:53 -- ktm0016
I slurp another slurp
I sip another sip
You can't pry the cup
Away from my grip
Drops drizzle down
The side of the cup
I stick out my tongue
And lick them all up
Another sip, sip, sip
And slurp, slurp, slurp
I am out of breath
Now, I have to burp!
It rattles my insides
It vibrates my bones
It has the strength
Of a thousand drones!
I explode like a musket
With sticky-sweet breath
My mother exclaims,
I giggle and gurgle
And slurp again
Drinking bubbly soda
Is not a sin!
My mind is going wild
With happiness and glee.
So I pump more sugar
Inside of me!
I will slurp another slurp
I will sip another sip
You will not pry the cup 
Away from my grip
Until, the very last sip
Of all has been sipped 
And every last drop
From the bottle has dripped.


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