Ode to my violent mind

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 13:08 -- gamer72


My mind is so violent 

My mind is a great thing

My mind is like Michael Myers from Halloween

Creative especially when it comes to violent thing

It spark the interest of others 24/7

I tell people all the time that my mind is no heaven

As nice as people think I am

When I think of a head I see it smashed with a BLAM


I love my mind because it helps me understand  true brutality

Like in Mortal Kombat when Shao Khan screams FATALITY

When a blade slices a person vertically in half

People are far too scared to understand the blade's wrath

In my mind, everyone runs in fear

Every person crying bloody tears

Mothers running with their children close behind them screaming

Fathers fighting until they completely stop breathing

No matter how hard they fight

There will be no holy light

Because my mind will conjure up genocidal forces

Like the Horseman of the Apocalypse on their phantom horses


As people are cut, sliced, mamed, evicorated

As people are impaled, stabbed, broken, decapitated

Everything around them my glorious mind conjures up

Will start to burn, be destroyed and chaos shall erupt

This is my creative, destructive, interesting, violent mind 


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