Ode to My Books

Another journey once I turn your page,

Someone else’s interesting life I get to endure.

Your tattered corners show how many times you’ve given life.

Now lead me, with them, through your continuous adventures.


Another love I get to experience.

One more person’s life I get to see heal, or fall apart.

These beautiful words form beautiful images,

These images lead me into a different universe.


Another adventure to live and learn,

One person’s choice at the fork in the road.

Show me those battles, we prevail together!

The battles that keep safe our home.


Another life i get to watch grow.

One more child growing in spirit and love

So that he may teach me kindness, my heart has forgotten.

This kindness so pure and innocent, it warms your every being.


Thank you for being my escape,

For all the times I was taken away from fear and pain.

You give me these letters that form images that bring beauty,

The kind of beauty that seems impossible to reach elsewhere.


Thank you for the love you share,

For the love, that some, only find in your every word.

You feed my soul the nourishment it lacks from life.

The rhythm of my heart beats along with the character’s every movement.


Thank you for taking me on your travels,

With each page I turn it begins to unravel.

Mystery, romance, horror, and sci-fi;

These thrilling new subjects seem to bring me to life.


Reading is my passion, my hope, and my joy

It’s everything I am not, yet everything I am.

Now I am finally at your end,

And it’s time to pick up another book and start all over again.


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