Ode to my angel

Sheathing my sinister swords , her broken wings 
Adores the monster underneath the masquerade she
Beshields me from the malicious foes & their rings
For me & her, we're branches of the same tree.

Together we climb mountains nonchalant & mellow
Holding hands, fighting against those who muzzle
Rising above the sun, behold so bright and yellow 
For we are the pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle.

Love & hate, one conquering the other
We fathom chaos & order into perfect sense
You are to me, the father & the mother
For we are the two sides of the same pence.

Promise me you'll stand by me
As the world turns upside down.
We'll dawn light upon the gloomy seas
For we are the bearers of the same crown.

Promise me my angel, so dear
That the lights we carry beneath our fur
Will extinguish not & ignite without fear
For we are the broken shards of the same mirror.

This poem is about: 
My family


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