Ode to Love: How Great You Are!

Love, how vastly divine you are!

The light of your presence

Creates a happy heart within me


How could we ever fret

When we have you in our lives?

Even the most intense thought of destruction and hate

Cannot worry us because you conquer all!


Love, you take the lonely

And the distraught pieces of the ones

Who feel unchangeably empty, and you bring

A flash of radiance into their lives


Without you, what do we truly have?

We have broken hearts and unending violence

But when you’re here, the lost are found

The ill are healed, and the doubters believe


This is life-changing, earth-shaking, soul-awakening

A power that the stars cannot begin to understand!

But the moon clues in the nosy bright lights, whispering secrets of lovers that he has seen

From the coasts of Lithuania to the mountains of Albania

Each story fantastically caught up in the unexplainable, awe-inspiring reality of love


Love, you are capable of anything!

So I will keep you close to my heart

And you will always be with me






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