Ode to John Green


United States
42° 2' 10.158" N, 88° 18' 51.1632" W

In the deepest black of midnight
Shines a tiny pen light
As a tear-stained face strains
To read words that contain
A flood of emotion

O! How can such a simple, two-dimensional world
Tear a hear to shreds?
O! When did black and white
Take claim to my very soul?

But alas! My spirit is ripped
From it's bony cage
While you write on
Feeling what is left of me
With the most beautiful dread

O! John Green! Lituratury master!
I salute you and the Fault in Our Stars
With this horrible poem
And this small heart-shaped pen
Which I have transfer the last piece of my heart to
Like a Horocrux.


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