Ode to a Goddess

I denounce holy books and prayer

Rituals, sacred beliefs, and such

God even, shall be placed under the shadows of my doubts

For since I have laid my eyes upon you my beloved

I see nothing more, and nothing else

Artists may capture your image into paintings

Try as they may to create a complete being

They fail to realize, after so many efforts

That a true masterpiece can only be felt through seeing  

Your beauty is the goddess that I invoke  

True to nature, there is no other virtue than venerating you

Your adoration is now my addiction

Such a spell cannot be cast by just a beauty, you are a magician

Hera’s poisonous jealousy for Zeus may be great

But it will be far greater, when she is acquainted of your existence 

So long as you live in the hearts of men

I shall be re-born on this earth, to worship you again





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