Ode of a Founding Father

I imagine death

Is this a memory?

Will it finally get me,

Is this where my end will be?


I've been livin' as a man with a mission

To protect the legacy that was not given


It was taken from blood and the sweat and the tears

Of countless years of hard work and rising 'bove all peers

This can't be the end

I will condemn

This notion

That my life has finally come to full fruition


Because just you wait, there's a million things I haven't done

I've fought in the war until the war was won

I wrote my way to my wife's heart

I wrote a revolutionary financial system

My quill and paper became an art

I wrote letters of wit and wisdom

And passion, persistence

Solutions to existence

Never went to wait for what I wanted

Never had to fear fate because I fought it

When I prayed for a deliverance that wouldn't come

I tore the obstacles apart, I wrote my very own victory song


And now

Now I drown

In death

but not regret

I won't forget


My legacy, this bullet

My history is written

Not by my hand, but by people who is in it


My past

My present...


My future.

This poem is about: 
My country


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