Ode To Creative Writing

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 22:43 -- Emma F.


O Creative Writing, you have treated me well!
Now I hope that I do not forget how to spell.
We have learned that poetry has meaning and grace,
And that it can benefit the whole human race.
I have learned that my writing is more desirable with no music,
While I also cannot write while with a candlestick.
Logic has little to do with it
Because Creative Writing is sporadic and fantastic.
The only trouble with writing is that I cannot fly.
Sometimes the works can be difficult to classify.
Short stories can become quite descriptive 
And they can also be very alliterative.
Writing can sometimes be quite like sand 
And if you become distracted, it could slip through your hands.
Poems, unlike this one, can be abbreviated and fleeting,
Others might just bring on hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.
Drama creates wonderfully theatrical characters
In whose lives many more events occur.
Managing time effectively is another skill to master
And lack of it can lead to a disaster.
Writing is capable of transporting you anywhere you want to go.
It can even be somewhere never before known.
Rhyming can bring some writers to their knees,
And many more would surely agree.
Writing is for you
As it has always been for me-
A joyful pastime full of glee.


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