Ode To Complains

I am sick
I am tired
I’m as bored as can be.
My nose is so runny
it could win a mile race.
My eyes are so watery
I’m going to need floodgates.
My back is aching
I must be getting old.
This room is damp
and so very, very cold.
My mom is calling
too bad I can’t receive it
My phones too busy suffocating
in Mrs. Johnson’s freeze-it.
My homework is piling
way up to the sky,
Hopefully GOD will do it,
and get it back to me before nine.
The chair I am sitting on
is made out of granite rock.
This underwear is itchy,
too bad I have many in stock.
My butt is oh so sore
because of this old chair
My mega-hideous teacher
is dressed up like a bear.
(or is that just her hair?) haha
All my friends are bugging
about some stupid dress,
My chem. teacher’s equations
look like a scrambled mess.
Speaking of scrambled,
have I told you that I’m starving?
I haven’t had a good meal
since my dad bought a Ferrari.
And also by the way,
I really, really must say
talking to you has been a pain
why must you complain all day?


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