An Ode To A Boy's Best Friend

An Ode To A Boy’s Best Friend

By Tory Talbott


This Christmas is different, a bit sad, you see;

We’re missing a good old boy,

A kitty named Smokey.


Some fools may say,

“He was just a cat!”

But not to you or me.


I’m sure without his presence,

You’re feeling somewhat blue.

Just know you’re not alone.


You have a mother,

A father,

And me that loves you too.


And as Smokey plays in fields of green,

Please know his spirit is with you

This and every Christmas Eve.


And to those that may not understand,

Smokey was a special one,

No, not just some pet.


To you, he was the greatest friend

A boy could ever have.

This poem is about: 
My family


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