The Odd One

Every day
It's like they're embarrassed and ashamed.
Like they don't want anyone to know
About my existence, and that takes a toll.


I'm just a no one, a little kid some might know.
But if I were to pretend to be like all of you,
Then maybe I'll measure up to the standards you hold.


I'm awkward and strange.
Popularity is just too far out of my range.
I apologize for my weirdness, but I can't do anything to change it.
If I did all I'm doin is living a lie in a sad dark pit.


If me changin who I am is that important,
Then you go find yourself a new puppet.
God made me this way and I ain't changin.
You don't like me? Ok, go find a new conformative friend.


My friends are those who don't care what others will say about each other.
We make each other strong and that's what's important.
We tell everyone we meet about our friendship
Not caring if they see it a strange relationship.


Oh my sister, when will you see
I only want you not to seem ashamed of me.
You make friends so easily.
I only wish you didn't have to hide me.

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