Ocean Tidings

Sun, 03/20/2016 - 22:33 -- azsxw1

It's like I'm lost in an ocean

blue as can be

without a map in my hand

or a single home to call mine

I've been looking for answers

looking for what's true

but when I look for love

all I find is you


I'm crying myself to sleep

thinking about you

now I see I was a fool

to sail right away

but if I were to come back

if some how it were true

If I were looking for love

would I still find you?


Your sweek scarlet words

Kiss my cheeks and my ear

your velvet cover lines

fill my thoughts with fear

both cross the treasures spot

of a heart I'll never find

this in fact, I now know what's true

when I look for love

I'll never find you.

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