Observations (From a Young Black Girl)


My naivete has led me astray from the real world.
This wonderland in which my mind obtains is nothing more than a fallacy
The eyes of wisdom have opened and realized this newfound knowledge is really my reality

My brothers and sisters are killing one another
Hating each other over trivial situations
Love no longer governs this earth.
I am confused with this sudden migration.

It has built up for years and we have encouraged it
We've dug into the stereotypes and accepted.
There is no one to blame but ourselves.
But the reason for this situation is hard to comprehend.

What happened to our population?
What led us astray from love?
It isn't just my generation
We've all neglected the Man up above

Pretty soon it'll be our children's children.
These fabricated and misplaced feelings
Those ugly misguided dealings
Morality is abandoned.

But hey, what do I know?
Am I just a "foolish" teenager?
Does my age constitute my wisdom?
Is my opinion invalid to the common middle ager?

I may be but a mere child
But I've seen and heard a few things
And if there is one thing that I do know
It's that love is all we need to save this world

Just a small observation from a young black girl.

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