O' Women of East



O’ women of East

Do not bow before the beast

For you are the Queen of your men

And they are your guardians by pen


O’ women of East

Remember, you are not a feast

All that glitters is not gold

Do not let your dignity to be sold


O’ women of East

Speak up for yourself at least

And let patience be your jewel

When you think, you are losing the duel


O’ women of East

Everywhere try to do your best

Whether at home or in the field

You are your family’s shield


O’ women of East

Why are you in a haste?

There is nothing more than love

Neither work nor the titles above


O’ men pay some heed

You are answerable for every deed

You strike and kill for money

And make peace through the ritual of ‘Wani’


Squeezing and twitching her hands and feet

Who cleans and cooks for you in scorching heat

You think you are superior, free and strong

Wait for the judgement of right and wrong


O’ fathers, brothers and sons

In this world, you are not the only ones

Daughters, sisters and mothers are worthy

Of love, care, affection and mercy


O’ kind and merciful beings

Who love their women by every means

For you is the honour of both the worlds

Jewels, blessings and all the pearls

This poem is about: 
My country


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