There's no telling how to be strong,

Or how long to be weak.

We all know how to cope in our own ways.

Whether that is talking to someone,

Or writing about it.

Some don't always know how to cope though,

They harm themselves,

Or they turn to drugs and alcohol.

Many tears are shed,

When they start to be lonely,

One way to know how weak someone is,

Is the dead look you get from their eyes.

It's like a ghost is staring back at you,

It's quite scary to see their pain sitting there.

All though I know the feeling,

I been on that side before.

Feel like the world is against you,

Also that no one understands your pain.

So many days I have watched,

Crimson just dripping down.

Crimson and tears mixing together,

Feeling numb.


Walk around like you aren't there,

Just an empty shell without it's soul.

Nights of crying,

Days of shutting everyone out.

Words being thrown towards me,

Words that send me back.










It could go on longer,

It could stop.

Just wanted it all to stop,

Started to feel like there's only one,

Only one way to end it all.

I stayed strong enough,

Just barely enough to not follow throuh.

All it took was one person,

Just one to prove that I'm worth it.

They got me to stop.

It's harder for others to stop though.

I hope to make a difference with others.

I see those poor empty shells,

Just roaming around lost.

Lost cause no one is there,

Everyone is worth having their life.

It's never worth it to take your life.

Lets stay strong together.

I know the feeling of being numb.



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