nowhere to run

Sun, 02/03/2019 - 17:01 -- thyreez

its funny how you can go so far
with no need for boat or car
just a step out and your free
you can be whatever you wanna be
these days home feels like a cell
all you can hear is your thoughts, there not well
wish there was a place to just run away
at home you do whatever they say
everywhere feels like a jail
nothing left, just bound to fail
your freedom out of bound
all you hear is the same old sound

then you realize you cant leave
no tricks up your sleeves
the true jail is but your mind
and no exit to find
so your plan shall never do
no use hitting yourself black and blue
escaping is never easy
it leaves you queasy

you can't run away from yourself
so put you attempts back on the shelf

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Our world


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