Nowhere Left to Turn

She walks down the street, sad and alone.

Trying to escape the world, she decides to turn off her phone.

It’s dark and cold but no one knows where she’s going to go.

The thought never crosses her mind that night, although-

She continues to walk thinking about the world; her happiness has it ever been unfurled?


She tries to understand the meaning of her life,

Whether or not she’ll ever be made some one’s wife.

Who could want such a girl so insecure?

All she needs is support and a good listener.

As she walks down an empty road and tries to rationalize, no one can see the pain in her eyes.


She cannot fathom how her feelings are so low and out of place,

The only thing she has left is God’s grace.

A person does not know what they’re really made of, 

Without anyone in the world to show her love. 


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