NOWHERE LAND (it's all up to you slam)

I live in nowhere land.

The land of desertedness, of pain and sorrow, of glimpses of pure utter joy.

It swallows my tears to quench its thirst.

It uses my insecurities to feed off of.

It has no soul of its own; it uses mine to sustain itself.

It won’t stop laughing at me.

It destroys me piece by piece.

It forces these voices of unfamiliarity into my mind.

I am stranded with these voices.

These voices are nothing but Satan wishing for my death on a silver platter.

I can’t stop them.

Oh a familiar voice.

Oh how soothing it is to hear that voice in the nowhere land.

It caresses my very living carcass.

It drives out the unfamiliar voices, now I am more sane.

Sane, until when nowhere land decides to come back and over power. 


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