Now You're in Heaven

Tonight I'm lying here alone
As the nights gets cold and the rain comes down
Tears start to fall, my body becoming stone
Because you're gone, not anywhere around

I'd give the world to see you smile once more
To hug you and keep you near
For things to be like they were before
Now you're in heaven, but i wish you were here

I loved you more than the moon loved the stars
I'll never forget the times we shared
So please watch over me from wherever you are
Without you by my side, I'm feeling lost and scared

I look at our picture on my bedside table
My heart aches and I can't hide the tears
Since you left I've been emotionally unstable
Losing you was on of my biggest fears

For now I'll close my eyes and welcome sleep
Tonight I hope you visit me in my dreams
And every moment, every secret, all the memories of you my heart will keep
As it appears I've managed to make it through another day it seems

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beautiful and can feel your loss in your words

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