I check my calendar,then I check it again!
Mid November has found it's way in!
Between cramming for 3 exams and making an awesome presentation, 
proudly turned 4 papers in, get all packed and now your at the station. Your friends have gone, you think your bus is late.
 Your shivering and you can't remember if you ate. 
You take a seat and close your eyes, 
You think about the feast you"ll eat and pumpkin pies. 
You think of "the game" your father can't wait to see. 
And help your mother as she buzzes busily like a bee. 
And you see your family and they ask "how's school?" 
And you always smile and say "great I love the classes,the people are cool." 
You laugh, you all sing, 
then you hear the doorbell rang. 
Who could it be,everyone is here. 
Then you jump with joy because your brother is here!
 Home for the holidays, away from the war.
 Your family is complete and you love that moment forever more. 
You look around and soak it in. Then your bus pulls up and you almost jump out your skin. 
Just a dream or dajavu?
 You do the only thing you think that to do. 
Run onto the bus, it feels so good! 
They blast the heat as they rightfully should! 
You find a seat and look at your phone. 
7 missed calls omg what's wrong!? 
You call your mom "she says "Don't get on the bus! You have to stay! 
My tomtom says were only 3 miles away!" 
They had come to surprise you but made a stop on the way. 
When you get in the car you're blown away. 
Your brother did come, and like a dream it's a perfect day. 
November gives the warmest gifts in the most chilling ways.


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